What format are the photos in?

Most originals are shot in RAW format however all photos uploaded to Peter Kraiker Photography are in JPG format.

Do you add photos on a regular basis?

Yes. We add photos as they are taken. Feel free to use the Contact Us link if you are looking for something specific.

Can I submit photos to sell?

Right now the only photos that we sell are the ones taken by Peter Kraiker Photography and its associates. In the future we may consider this.

Do you offer refunds?

For digital downloads: Once your purchase is made we can not offer a refund. The reason for this policy is because we offer full access to our entire digital collection of photos and, as such, there is no way for our products to be returned with a guarantee that they haven't been copied. On a rare occasion we will make exceptions on a case by case basis. If you have a problem with a file you downloaded, please contact us and we will ensure you receive a copy we have confirmed to be of the correct size and quality. For Prints & other Items requiring shipping: Any order that has not been shipped off for printing can be canceled for a full refund by contacting us with the relevant order details. We make every effort to quality check prints before they are sent out, however if you are not satisfied with your order let us know within 14 days of the shipping date. You can return it, along with the invoice, for us to reprint it or request a refund.

Are there any restrictions on my use of the Peter Kraiker Photography photos that I download?

Yes. While Peter Kraiker Photography offers great freedom and a wide range of uses, we do not allow the redistribution of our photos, or allow the use of our photos within products that are mass distributed in any type of archive format.

Is account sharing allowed?

No, sharing an account is no different than distributing our materials to others. Individual accounts must be purchased by your friends and colleagues.

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